ISIS attacks on the rise

Western casualties due to ISIS attacks increasing each year

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According to a US home security report, there were 101 ISIS attacks against the West since 2014. 44% of these attacks were deemed successful. Out of all terrorist attempts, 40% were instigated on US soil, followed by 20% in France, and 8% in UK/Australia.

Another alarming demographic shows that the majority of these suspects involved in these attacks were men (89%) with an average of 26. Roughly 80% of the suspects were below 30.

Not only is the success rate of ISIS attacks improving each year, the number of casualties (killed and wounded) as a result of these attacks are increasing as well.

In 2016, more people have been killed and wounded than 2015 and 2014 combined. Three events with the largest casualties happened in the past year, including the November assault in Paris (480 people), the attack in Brussels (335 people), and the truck massacre in Nice (286 people).

In 2014, there were 3 casualties per attack, with a total of 30 casualties.

In 2015, there were 38 casualties per attack, with a total casualty rate of 720.

In 2016, there have been 58 casualties per attack, with already 875 casualties.

One of the main reasons for the ISIS’ rising impact against Western countries is due to their “crowd-sourcing” recruitment method. Young individuals who show an interest in ISIS are encouraged or sometimes convincent to carry out terrorist plots that serve the purpose of the ISIS.

“A fifteen-year-old who stabbed a police officer in Germany in April was later found to have met two ISIS “middlemen” in Instanbul who convinced her to carry out an operation when she returned home,” the report stated.

As more secret ISIS members are using encrypted messaging to communicate with one another, catching them is proving to be more difficult.

So what’s next?

Harry Sarfo, ex-militant of ISIS, was send back to Germany to plan the next IS attack. Instead, he chose to warn the world that ISIS is planning a simultaneous multi-attack on UK, France and Germany. In addition, Sarfo said that other ISIS militants had definitely returned back to Europe.

He is currently serving out a prison sentence for terror offenses.

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