Top 10 Anonymous Triumphs

Top 10 Triumphs of Anonymous

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Some people perceive the hacker organization, Anonymous, as a bunch of vigilantes and outlaws. They don’t respect the way that the group breaks laws in order to achieve its goals. However, others see Anonymous in a different light, as a group which fights for the important things in life. No matter how you view this controversial group of hackers, you may find that our list of the top ten triumphs of Anonymous is very interesting! We’re here to highlight the most positive aspects of this group. Naturally, there are also negatives and you may look for those online.

10. Anonymous Defied a White Supremacist

White Supremacist

During winter of 2006, this notorious hacker group shut down a white supremacist’s radio program by hacking his website. The website of Hal Turner was disabled and, to add insult to injury, Anonymous made sure that Turner would be stuck with major bills for extra bandwidth. Turner filed suit, but later bailed on his lawsuit. White supremacy is evil and the world has enough of it long ago, during the days of slavery. So, it’s pretty hard to get mad at Anonymous for stopping the hate speech of this nasty radio host! That being said, hacking is illegal and Americans do have freedom of speech, as do citizens of other countries. There’s always a moral situation to ponder when it comes to Anonymous. Some people agree with what they do, while others feel that anti-hacking laws are in place for good reason.

9. Anonymous Made Life Harder for Scientologists
Scientology Anonymous

A new Anonymous initiative, Project Chanology, was launched during the winter of 2008. This project was a digital assault on Scientology! In case you’re unfamiliar, Scientology is technically a religion and it was was created by sci-fi author and eccentric, L. Ron Hubbard. It’s commonly regarded as a cult, for very good reason! During Project Chanology, a range of “denial of service” assaults were launched on Scientology web pages. As well, Anonymous made sure that the link-sharing interface, Digg, displayed more anti-cult material than ever before. To put the icing on the cake, members of Anonymous donned their “V for Vendetta” masks and protested the cult at a variety of Scientology events. Scientology has some powerful members, such as Tom Cruise, and it is known for its wacky belief that the thetans of space entities are inside of all of us. For this reason, Scientologists get a lot of razzing online. Even the team at South Park have attacked Scientology via juvenile humor.

8. Anonymous Linked the Chinese Army with Illegal Cyber Activity
Chinese army Anonymous

In the winter of 2011, Anonymous hacked information about users from a big hacker forum. After they passed this information onto a security company called Mandiant, information was used in order to prove that China’s military was involved with illegal cyber activity against America.

7. Anonymous Exposed Kiddie Porn Web Pages

Child pornography is disgusting and it’s something that makes good people feel sick to their stomachs. Clearly, many members of Anonymous agree, as the loosely-formed hacktivist group went after kiddie porn websites. After finding a cache of these nauseating websites, Anonymous exposed them. In particular, they went after Lolita City, which was a place where child pornography users met to exchange digital data. Members of this website’s names were published online. These kinds of websites are found on the “dark Web”, where most people don’t go.

6. Punished the BART System for Blocking Protests
BART System Protests

BART is Bay Area Rapid Transit and its administrators decided to stop cell phone services in order to make it harder for riders to protest. Anonymous didn’t like this curtailing of basic freedoms. Therefore, it attacked by hacking the system’s database and releasing information about users of the service. They also included a treatise which explained that the rapid transit organisation purposely infringed on people’s right to get together and protest.

5. Protested Homophobia in Uganda
Uganda protest in support of gays

During the summer of 2012, Uganda’s government was passing laws which made life harder for its gay citizens. To get revenge, Anonymous hacked into a couple of official websites of Uganda’s government and digitally vandalized them.

4. Supported a More Democratic Korea
North Korea Hack Officials

Anonymous’ Operation Free Korea is all about getting its controversial leader, Kim Jong-un, to step down. This campaign to make Korea a more democratic place reached a peak when hackers from Anonymous posted fifteen thousand names of people who utilise Korea’s official website. Anonymous followed up by telling Korea’s government that it would delete all of this important digital information.

3. Helped Bring Rapists to Justice
Justice Court

Anonymous wasn’t pleased when pictures of a young rape victim were shared online, via social networks. To retaliate and to help bring the guilty parties to justice, the hacktivist group released videos, social media posts and electronic mail which incriminated members of the Steubenville high school’s sports team. This high school rape case got tons of media exposure and Anonymous helped to reveal the truth.

2. Punished the Hateful Westboro Baptist Church
Hateful Westboro Baptist Church

You probably already know how horrible the Westboro Baptist Church is! Well, Anonymous doesn’t like this crazy fundamentalist group, either and they proved it by taking down the website of the church during winter of 2011. This church is known for its rude and inappropriate protests, which may even be held outside of memorial services.

1. Attacked the Koch Brothers’ Website
Koch Brothers

The Koch Brothers are mega-rich and they are part of the financial apparatus which backs the Tea Party. If you’re not into Tea Party politics, you’ll probably view Anonymous’ attack on the website of this duo’s advocacy organisation as a good thing. As far as Anonymous was concerned, the Koch Borhters were wreaking havoc within Wisconsin politics. Usually, Anonymous doesn’t go after political advocacy groups. However, this time, the group made an exception.

Do You Like Anonymous?

We’re all different. Some of us have values which are aligned with Anonymous and others don’t. If you like Anonymous, you’re probably a bit more liberal than some. Most people who prefer right-wing politics are not fans of Anonymous. Basically, Anonymous breaks the law. There’s no way around it. However, in some cases, they are exposing lawbreakers who actually hurt people, infringe on basic freedoms and so on. Anonymous members, who are legion, believe in situational ethics. They believe that what they are doing is more ethical than not. They see injustice and try to correct it by using computer hacking and other methods. This group is non-violent.

However you feel about the group, there’s no denying the impact of Anonymous. It’s safe to say that no one wants to be on the group’s “hit list”! Since its members are hard to trace in operate in cells, it’s not the most organised group around. It’s actually a looser organisation which is aligned by core values. Now and then, some parts of Anonymous may do things that other members of Anonymous don’t agree with. The danger of the group is that it is so loosely arranged. This means that consensus isn’t always possible. However, the loose organisation of this hacker group also makes it harder for authorities to track its hackers.

We live in the digital age and Anonymous members are digital vigilantes. It’s hard to disagree with exposing pedophiles, even though hacking is also a crime. When the well-being of children is at stake, this overrides hacking laws, at least in this writer’s opinion. Other acts by Anonymous may sometimes be more difficult to defend. It all depends on your morality and point of view.

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