North Korea launches ballistic missiles

Tensions rise as North Korea continues to fire ballistic missiles

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North Korea fired ballistic missiles on Wednesday, reports the US ministry of defense. Japan and South-Korea confirmed these reports.

The first missile exploded right after its launch while the second missile entered Japanese-controlled waters. It was the first time in eighteen years when North Korean missiles had entered Japanese terrority. Two weeks prior, another three North Korean missiles were fired.

According to the South Korean office, these launches showed North Korea’s ambition to “directly and broadly attack neighboring countries and target several places in the Republic of Korea such as ports and airfields.”

Also Japan called this action a “grave threat.”

While North Korea’s intentions are unclear, it is true that North-Korean leader Kim-Jong-un is dissatisfied with the recent sanctions blacklist that the US has imposed on them for abusing human rights. Kim has described US sanctions as a “declaration of war”.

Tensions continue to rise between North Korea and the world as it focuses on weaponry. It is known that North Korea continues to develop and test nuclear weapons. Kim Jong-un has boasted that North Korea is capable of striking US targets in the Pacific after they carried out a successful test of its Musudan medium-range missile.

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