ISIS income is reduced by recent offensives

Recent offensives against ISIS are reducing their income by millions

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ISIS transported 50 vehicles of transported oil every day from the Najma and Qayyarah oil fields. At an income of $6,000 per vehicle, the smuggling operation was turning in an estimated $300,000 a day. However, after recent offensives against the terrorist organization, ISIS is now just receiving $10,000/day from smuggling oil.

Not only have these offensives successfully reduced the smuggling size to only 5 vehicles per day, they now receive only $2,000 per vehicle. Combined with ISIS losing 2 oilfields back in April (Hamrin and Alas), ISIS has received a powerful blow against their revenue stream. It is estimated that ISIS has lost around $1 million per day.

To recuperate from this loss, ISIS attacked an oil field yesterday in Kirkuk, aiming to take down an oilfield and a gas compression station. Although ISIS has not taking responsibility for the attack, which is known to be their signature move, all fingers point to them. 5 people were killed in the aftermath. The attack, however, was met with resistance. Of the 4 ISIS attackers, 3 were killed. The last man standing on ISIS’ side was able to escape.

Oil is ISIS’ main source of income that is publicly known. They also generate income through general crime and extortion. Setting back ISIS’ revenue stream is one battle of the war against ISIS. Although these strategic offensives are slowing down the growth of ISIS, they are still growing by the thousands despite global efforts.

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