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10 Most Devastating Cyber Crimes

10 Most Devastating Cyber Crimes in History

From the mass theft of credit card information to viruses that have infiltrated the world’s largest financial institutions, cyber crimes have caused some of the largest thefts in history. 1982 – CIA During the cold war, the CIA took to the internet and sent a logic-bomb to the Soviets in an attempt to foil the… Keep Reading

Top 10 Anonymous Triumphs

Top 10 Triumphs of Anonymous

Some people perceive the hacker organization, Anonymous, as a bunch of vigilantes and outlaws. They don’t respect the way that the group breaks laws in order to achieve its goals. However, others see Anonymous in a different light, as a group which fights for the important things in life. No matter how you view this… Keep Reading

Most unjustified police shootings

10 Most Unjustified Police Shootings in U.S. History

According to the Guardian’s The Counted, a crowd-sourced project which keeps track of the deaths of U.S. citizens at the hands of police officers, 1,146 people were shot and killed in 2015, 229 of them were unarmed. This data, as well as similar projects run by the Washington Post and even a pilot program rolled out by the U.S.… Keep Reading

How to Participate in the Anonymous Movement
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8 ways to participate in the Anonymous movement

Anonymous. Anyone who has used the internet in the last thirteen years should be familiar with the name. With targets ranging from billion dollar corporations to high profile celebrities and even to entire governments, the actions of the group have received press coverage worldwide. Because the group has taken an active stance against everything from… Keep Reading

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