Bill and Hillary Clinton The Untold Story

New documentary: how the Clintons made a fortune from bribery money

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If you haven’t yet watched it, Anonymous’ main Youtube channel just uploaded a documentary called: Bill and Hillary Clinton: The Untold Story. It talks about how the Clinton’s do favors those who financially support their foundation, and to what extreme lengths they are willing to go as long as the price is convincing. This documentary based on the New York’s bestseller ‘Clinton Cash’.

If you don’t have the time to watch it, we have gone over the main points made in the documentary.

Key Points of the Documentary

  • A new report claims that the Clinton Foundation gives only 10% of its money that it raises to actual charities and the services that they offer.
  • Bill Clinton supposedly received 100 million for giving speeches during his presidency. Hillary Clinton received 5.

War Contracts in Africa

  • Paul Kagame, president of Rwanda since 2000, has been praised by Bill Clinton and the Clinton foundation. Kagame is known for his terrible human rights record. He is accused of war crimes. He’s known to be involved in recruiting child soldiers. He violently oppresses people that hold different views than his own. Yet, Clinton has publicly awarded him for his conduct as a leader. Why? The documentary argues that Clinton is building relationships with these dictators in order to receive access to Africa’s natural resources in forms of mineral rights, oil drilling rights, etc. Energy companies then pay off the Clintons for these rights by donating to their foundation, or by paying for their high-fee speeches.
  • Joe Wilson, a friend of the Clintons, signed lucrative contracts with war lords of war-torn African countries. These contracts were long-term leases of spacious land and could potentially be valued at hundreds of millions if these war lords would eventually seize control of the country. This would allow foreign companies to access their natural resources per contract.
  • Lukas Lundin, a Swedish mining investor known for Lundin Mining, has pledged 100 million dollars to the Clinton foundation in 2007. His most lucrative mining operations were done in Republican of the Congo, the country known for the most horrific human rights violations. After the pledge of 100 million dollars, Lundin’s mining company saw “staggering profits”. His overall capitalization was 20 billion dollars.

Haiti Relief

  • Hillary Clinton’s state department would oversee the reconstruction effort in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake that led to 250,000 deaths and left a land in ruins. Hillary gave public that conveyed her deep commitment to help country. She stated that the United States would bring help and offer civilian and military relief.
  • Bill Clinton was appointed special envoy to Haiti for the United nations. While the Haitian officials had their own vision for Haiti’s recovery, the Clintons, deeply involved in this relief, had their own agenda. There were interest by major donors to their foundation, and instead of helping the Haitians, they were more concerned with putting money into the pockets of these donors.
  • Caracol was the largest relief project in Haiti. It costs tax payers 124 million dollars. Caracol is a textile factory that operated in the north of Haiti. The Northern part of Haiti was entirely unaffected by the earthquake. The Clintons struck a deal with Caracol, which benefited large companies such as Gap, Target, and Walmart due to the Haiti’s low wages.
  • Instead of rebuilding Haiti, the Clinton foundation did favors to major donors. As an example, the documentary used Digicel’s founder  Denis O’Brien.

Keystone XL Pipeline

  • The XL Pipeline was a 7 billion dollar project that would transport 800,000 barrels of oil per day from Canada down to the gulf coast. Opposed by environmentalists as a reinforcement of climate change, Hillary Clinton chose to support the environmentalists.
  • Not much later, though, Hillary’s state department releases a decision that seems supportive of the Keystone XL Pipeline. Many environmentalist felt betrayed by Clinton who greenlighted this deal.
  • After further investigation, it was found that TDBank had donated 2 million dollars to the Clinton foundation. It turned out that TDBank was one of the largest shareholders of the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Ericsson’s telecom

  • Bill Clinton’s largest donation to give a speech came from Swedish telecom company Ericsson. They paid $750,000 for a single speech. At that time, Ericsson was selling telecom equipment to Iran. 7 days after the donation, Hillary’s state department said that it is not going to broaden US sanctions in Iran that would include technologies like telecom. Companies like Ericsson would have to police themselves.

India’s nuclear policy

  • One of Clinton’s signature achievements in foreign policy was pushing his nuclear test ban treaty, which stands to ban testing nuclear weaponry.
  • India broke this treaty when it began testing nuclear weapons underground, without anyone’s knowledge. Not even the CIA’s. This action threatened the stability of Asia and challenged the firm international consensus to stop all nuclear testing. Bill Clinton felt betrayed by India’s action, and he imposed sanctions on India, that would prevent them from accessing US nuclear technology. In 2005, the Indian government wanted these sanctions lifted, and have access to US nuclear technology once again. The Clintons some of these sanctions, but not to the extend that India wanted it. As a result, India began donating tens of millions into Clinton’s foundation. By 2008, Hillary Clinton was fully supportive of Indian’s nuclear policy.

Russia’s uranium dominance

  • In 2005, Bill Clinton went to Kazachstan together with mining businessman, Frank Giustra. Kazachstan was ruled by dictator Nursultan Nazarbayev, who was known to shut down his political opposition and torture political opponents. Publicly stated as a meeting about HIV, Giustra and Clinton came to discuss access to lucrative Kazach uranium mines. Kazachstan is one of the largest producers of Uranium in the world.
  • During a press conference, Bill Clinton praises Nazarbayev of his human rights record, despite his many human rights violations. Two days later, Frank Giustra receives his uranium concessions from Kazachstan worth hundreds of millions of hundreds. A couple of weeks after that, Bill Clinton gets a donation for 30 million dollars from Frank Giustra.
  • Giustra forms Uranium One, and begins purchase off concessions that will eventually form 51.4% of uranium production in the United States. This interests Vladimir Putin, who’s been to be interested in dominating the uranium international market. The Russian government offered a 40% overprice for the stock’s share. For this transaction to go through, it has to be approved by the US federal government, since uranium is regarded as a critical industry. It has to be signed off by federal agencies, including secretary of state, Hillary Clinton. As Hillary Clinton is contemplating this, major shareholders in Uranium, including Frank Giustra, begin sending hundreds of millions of dollars to the Clinton foundation. Hillary Clinton, who has a record for opposing such deals, eventually approves the deal.

This documentary captures the Clintons’ pattern of providing favors to those who buy them off.

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